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Lead By Spirit

Vitality was spirit lead when I began reading the living word of God, and a hunger for a healthy beginning for my family.


In the same way we had a chance at a new lifestyle is the same I wish for you and your family!


The Benefits Of Juicing

Juicing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a convenient and delicious way to boost your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


But did you know that there are numerous health benefits to juicing beyond just satisfying your taste buds?

Colorful Fruits


  • Can I work out during my cleanse?
    It is recommended to refrain from vigorous workouts however you can take plenty of walks and get plenty of rest.
  • Can I eat during my cleanse?
    I recommend doing a total cleanse of just raw cold pressed juices and water in order to receive maximum results! If you are feeling like you need to eat, I would recommend only high-water fruits and vegetables consumed raw. If you take medication and need to eat, please follow your physicians’ orders.
  • How long should I cleanse?
    I encourage you to begin with a one-day cleanse for beginners and allow your body to adjust to the cleanse first. However, under the care of a physician. Everyone’s body is different, it may take longer than one day to fully cleanse the body especially if you suffer from chronic constipation. I strongly recommend going as long as it takes for your gut to be fully cleansed and healed. It’s going to take strong dedication, but the reward is healthy!
  • What Is a Juice Cleanse?
    This is not a diet. rather it is a system used to cleanse and rid the body of toxic waste built up in the gut. While juice cleanses have been known to help eliminate toxins and illnesses, sometimes your body simply needs a beak. Our Juices are a great way to flood your body with loads of raw organic produce jammed packed with vitamins, enzymes and minerals. So, if your ready to switch to a healthy lifestyle, you first must cleanse your GI Tract and reset the gut microbiome. This is about healing the gut! We must detox the body of waste because this interferes with absorption of nutrients needed for vital health!
  • What is your goal?
    Its important to know why you want to juice cleanse. You can look at a juice cleanse as a short-term goal that serves as a purpose to reach a long-term goal. If your goal is to be conscious of what you feed your body than we can utilize the cleanse to help reach that goal.
  • What to expect during your cleanse?
    During your detoxing you will experience some headaches. This is typically normal since your body is releasing of toxins in the body. It is very important to drink plenty of water in between drinking the juices. Hydration is key to avoid those headaches! In addition to this, you will begin to receive burst of energy, boosted metabolism, clearer skin, improved digestion and even though its not a diet, weight loss!
  • Can I take vitamins and supplements while on a cleanse?
    Yes! I highly encourage to take your vitamins and include probiotics in your daily supplements. However, please consult with a physician first.
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